Gaebe Commons trees covered in snow

Campus Safety & Security is open and operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Blue Light phones and security cameras are located strategically across Harborside, Downcity and Charlotte campuses. 

If you discover an emergency on campus, you can report it in several ways. In all cases, the caller should be prepared to provide their name and describe the emergency and its location.


  • In an emergency, call 911

  • Then dial 1103 from a campus phone or 401-598-1103 from a cell phone to report the emergency to the Office of Public Safety.
    • Alertus App users may also report an emergency to Campus Safety and Security through the Alertus mobile app

Non-Emergency lines

  • Maintenance/Facilities: 401-598-1234
  • Media Inquiries: 401-598-1848
School Cancellation/Delays

Find alerts about inclement weather, school cancellations, delays and other interruptions in normal campus activities here:


External Resources

You can also refer to these government sites, which include preparation guidelines, in the event of an emergency:

Rhode Island


Inclement Weather Procedures

Campus Closures and Schedule Change Procedures for Academic Classes, Administrative Offices and Events.

The safety of our campus community is a top priority. A team of senior management that includes representatives from campus safety & security, the provost’s office, the president’s office and human resources considers the best interests of our community when there is a threat of, or actual, inclement weather. The final decision about whether or not to delay or cancel classes, events and work requires evaluating information about the weather, decisions or guidance made by state and local authorities related to highway access, parking bans, local street clearing, parking lot access and other safety and access issues. A parking ban in the City of Providence will not necessarily affect operations of the University.

The decision to cancel or delay classes or events is separate from the decision regarding work schedules for staff and student employees or interns. Do not assume that if classes are cancelled that administrative offices are closed. Separate announcements may be issued for class cancellations and work cancellations. Staff and interns should consult directly with their supervisor regarding their work status.

Academic Classes and Functions: Principles and Communications

Given that many students live on or near the campus and understanding that changes to the academic schedule can be substantively disruptive to students and faculty, efforts will be made to avoid the cancellation or delay of classes with safety top of mind.

JWU Shuttle

In the event of inclement weather, users of the JWU Shuttle should monitor communications (generally made via email to the JWU community, jwuLink, social media and the JWUApp) regarding service status carefully and plan travel accordingly during periods of snow, ice, freezing rain or other inclement weather conditions.

COMMUNICATIONS: When we close or delay opening offices and school, we strive to announce such a decision by 6:00 a.m. that day. However, this decision requires the evaluation of several pieces of information. Therefore, the precise announcement time is dependent on when this information becomes available to us.

The university notifies the campus of class/office cancellations, delays, or early releases using one or more of the following official university resources:

In addition, local TV and radio stations and their companion websites frequently carry updates on weather-related closings.

Administrative Offices and Functions: Principles and Communications

In making a determination to close or delay the opening of administrative offices, the university shall be guided by the following principles:

  • There are some employees who are always considered to be essential personnel (e.g., Campus Safety & Security, Facilities and Campus Dining staff), and there are others who may be essential depending on the timing of the inclement weather as it relates to work activity. When classes are cancelled, if feasible our campus libraries, fitness centers, and dining facilities will be staffed to accommodate our students but the schedules of those operations may be altered.
  • In the event of a closure, employees who have the ability to work remotely are expected to work their normal day unless otherwise directed by their supervisor.
  • The condition and readiness of the campus to accommodate faculty and staff, including accessibility of parking lots, city streets, and pedestrian paths, shall be an important consideration.
  • As previously stated, when we close or delay opening of administrative offices and operations, every effort will be made to announce such a decision by 6:00 a.m. that day. The university notifies the campus of class/office cancellations, delays, or early release using one or more of the resources described earlier.
  • When we close or delay opening offices and/or school, every effort will be made for a timely announcement with full consideration of commuting times and class schedules.
  • When there are wintery conditions during your travel, please allow more time for your commute, reduce your speed, and increase the distance between your car and the vehicle ahead of you.